Studio Liikelaituri

Studio Liikelaituri is a gallery-like performance and rehearsal space for dance and performing arts in the centre of Tampere.

Unrestricted path to Studio is from the street Pinninkatu
(address Pinninkatu 55 A, in the door it says 58 D) from the floor number, 0 take the elevator to floor number 1.
The elevator doors open next to the Studio´s main door.
If you come from the street Yliopistonkatu (address Yliopistonkatu 58 D) there are few steps.

Both outside doors have the buzzer called “Pirkanmaan Tanssin Keskus”.

Ticket sales take place outside Studio door in the lobby.
The facility has an accessible toilet. There are wheelchair spaces in the stand, which is being built separately.

Front door to the space and coat racks.
The front door and coat racks when performance curtains are closed.

Studio Liikelaituri, a gallery-like space, which opened in 2014. It works as a training and performing space for freelance dance artists in Pirkanmaa region. It is centrally located in the immediate vicinity of Tampere Hall and the University of Tampere.

The 217 m² convertible space improves the regional and national conditions for the field of dance and performing arts and enables diverse performance and touring activities. In 2017, Liikelaituri was awarded the State Prize for Dance.

Elastic flooring: 13 × 9 m, a column in one corner
Dance mats: black/white
Stage curtains: surrounding the elastic floor. Black / white
Maximum number of people in the space: 120
Seating capacity: 40 seats. To be built, if necessary

In addition to the hall, there is a kitchen, 2 toilets, a shower, a dressing room / storage room and the PDC office.

At the moment, we do not rent Studio Liikelaituri for the end of the year -23 or for the spring of -24

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