Pirkanmaa Dance Centre enables diverse art work by hiring artists every year in various ways to different projects. PDCs main employment model is the regional central salary concept, which centers around artist-oriented work and supports sustainable art work.

On this site you can find our yearly artists. Klicking the pictures you will get more information about the artists and their current work.


Tuuti Touhunen

Tuuti Touhunen is contemporary artist, word artist and art therapy instructor. Touhunen graduated Master of Arts in Dance from the University of the Arts Helsinki at 2016. Touhunen works in several artist collectives and solo projects in the area of Pirkanmaa and is known for working with different art forms.

Mia Tiihonen

Mia Tiihonen (she/her) is an independent dance artist and a screendance maker. Her work as an artist is based on a continuous urge to explore the dialogue between the ever-changing mind-body relationship and site through film and multimedia. She is interested in the relationship between the performer, camera, and camera operator.

Wilhelmina Ojanen

Wilhelmina Ojanen is a Tampere-born, Santiago de Chile -raised choreographer and dance artist. Wilhelmina has graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance with an MA in Dance Performance. After her studies, Wilhelmina worked in England as a choreographer, dance and dance teacher, before moving back to Finland in 2020.

Hanna Korhonen

Hanna Korhonen is a dancer-choreographer and a wide-ranging art maker, who graduated from the Turku Conservatory as a professional dancer and from the University of the Arts (Helsinki) with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in dance. Korhonen has worked as a professional dance artist for 23 years and performed in more than 70 productions.

Elma Hytönen

Elma Hytönen is a dancer and artist originally from Savo. They have graduated as a professional dancer from Tampere Conservatoire in spring 2022. Elma has worked as a performer both in movies and in wide range of stage works and competitions representing different dance styles from contemporary dance to street dance.

Essi Koivula

Essi Koivula is Tampere-born and based dance artist. In 2022 she graduated from Helsinki University of the Arts with bachelor’s degree in dance. Koivula has worked as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. In her latest works she has been approaching themes like death, loss and sorrow trough movement and moving image.

Wilma Seppälä

Wilma Seppälä is a Tampere-born dance artist living in Stockholm. In 2021 she graduated from the Dance Performance programme in Stockholm University of the Arts. Wilma is working widely within dance, performance, choreography and teaching both in Sweden and Finland.