HOMEWEAVESRituals of the Future

Homeweaves is a dance theater piece where copper chains jingle, rituals escalate into dance, and artificial intelligence shapes the future.

Rajaniemi Collective’s futuristic next-generation dance theater piece, Homeweaves – Rituals of the Future, challenges this days human behavioral patterns in communication, routines, perception, and ways of being.

The dance theater piece moves through eras, transporting the audience from the scorching desert through the rusted living rooms of the mind. Beings liberate bodies and objects from their outlines into rebellious events. The piece is inspired by object work with copper chains and inflatable chairs, as well as manipulation of body and sound, metamorphosis, contemporary dance, improvisation, and mime.

Homeweaves explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence in art-making. The textual material of the piece is created based on conversations with Chat GPT. The piece takes a stand on current discussions about artificial intelligence, the future image, and the significance of art.

The piece draws from futuristic imagery, mechanization, artificial intelligence towards a dystopia of the end of the world in 2224. A new era is born from a sentient living and non-living human, through transforming copper-chained frame. A new community forms its own cycle, routines, and rituals accompanied by both mundane and solemn jingles.

“Next-generation dance theater signifies for me the renewal of the dance theater genre in the 21st century. From the perspective of performing arts, I aim to create new ways and means of performance by overlapping various art forms into one outspoken whole. I use methods from the intersection of dance, acting, and performance, drawing themes from my own generational experience to the present moment.

The renewal is driven by courage, audacity, and rebellion with a feminist approach.”

– Niina Rajaniemi


Concept: Rajaniemi Collective

Choreography & direction: Niina Rajaniemi

Performers: Patrik Riipinen, Iisa Saarenpää & Niina Rajaniemi

Sound Design: Uni Karinko

Movement material: Group

Texts: Chat GPT & Niina Rajaniemi

Lighting Desingn: Niina Rajaniemi & Carlos Portilla Lopez

Technician: Carlos Portilla Lopez

Photos: Jussi Säilä

Editing: Jussi Säilä & Niina Rajaniemi

Production: Pirkanmaa Dance Centre and Rajaniemi Collective

Supporters: The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Tampere, and Pirkanmaa Dance Centre


27.4. at 19:00

28.4. at 15:00

29.4 at 19:00

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Teatterimonttu: Kalevantie 4 D, Tampere


€25 / Basic ticket
€15 / Discount: pensioners, students, unemployed
€10 / Performing arts professionals

(Handling fee €2,50 per ticket.)

Wheelchair ticket + escort €15 (+handling fee). There are 2 wheelchair tickets available per performance, please purchase your tickets in advance.

3 pay-what-you-want tickets are offered for each show. The ticket must be booked in advance by sending a message to toimisto(at)pirkanmaantanssinkeskus.fi 25.4. by. (Messages regarding Paywhatyoucan tickets cannot be processed on weekends and tickets cannot be bought at the door.)

For more information

Rajaniemi Collective: https://rajaniemicollective.fi/

The makers

Niina Rajaniemi | Choreographer & Performer

I’m a young generation performing arts professional working in Tampere. I work extensively as a performer (dance, singing, acting), choreographer, and dance teacher in the fields of dance and performing arts. Since starting as a freelancer in 2015, I’ve worked widely in various productions as a performer, dancer, actor, singer, choreographer, and dance teacher. As a performer, my work history includes numerous professional productions in different directors’ and choreographers’ works. As a choreographer, I’ve worked in several groups, theater and musical productions, and taught performing arts in vocational and private institutions.

In 2017, I founded the dance theater collective Rajaniemi Collective, where I’ve been purposefully working as a performer, choreographer, and director.

Iisa Saarenpää | Performer

I graduated as a dancer from Tampere Conservatoire in 2020 and currently work in the independent dance field in Tampere. I have been involved in contemporary dance productions as both a dancer and a dance teacher in Tampere dance schools.

Patrik Riipinen | Performer

I am a professionally trained dancer with extensive stage experience and movement training from two different institutions. With a dance background of 20 years and 10 years of teaching experience in both Finland and other parts of Europe, I have performed in over 15 different choreographers’ works worldwide, and my own pieces have been showcased in Finland, Austria, and Belgium.

Currently, I work full-time as a freelance artist and part-time as an artistic director in a new community called Duckstep Company.

A key aspect of my work is the continuous development of body-mind connection as part of advancing my own dance practice, movement, and performance. Personality, physicality, understanding, and surrender lead my work towards becoming a more skilled dance artist in my body-oriented thinking and working method.