Mia Tiihonen

Mia Tiihonen (she/her) is an independent dance artist and a screendance maker based in Tampere. Her work as an artist is based on a continuous urge to explore the dialogue between the ever-changing mind-body relationship and site through film and multimedia. She is interested in the relationship between the performer, camera, and camera operator.

She did her Master of Art Studies (MA Dance) at Bath Spa University (Bath, UK) and graduated with distinction in 2016. Before her master’s studies, she studied at Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Kuopio, Finland) and graduated with a bachelor of cultural studies from the dance teacher program in 2009.

Tiihonen works as a “storyteller” introducing narratives about humanity as a part of a multidimensional and constantly changing society. Keywords to define her work are site specificity, visuality and abstract storytelling.

Project Leftovers

Site-specific exploration of the site and, movement around stillness and immobility. The project combines elements of installation and video art. It is a manifest for the artist itself to set boundaries and to frame her artistic work both bodily and visually. She aims to explore and scrutinize the impact of movement and stillness on performers’ presence in different kinds of environments and sites. Keywords for this work are randomness, metaphorical and externality.

Working with this project is an initial impetus for the new. Its objective is to set frames and boundaries for the later work with this audiovisual project for the years 2023 and 2024.