Tuuti Touhunen

Tuuti Touhunen is contemporary artist, word artist and art therapy instructor. Touhunen graduated Master of Arts in Dance from the University of the Arts Helsinki at 2016. Touhunen works in several artist collectives and solo projects in the area of Pirkanmaa and is known for working with different art forms. The artist works often with site-spesific pieces which are interested in the experience of gender and nature.

As an inter-artistic worker, Touhunen tries to understand the surrounding being.

More information about Tuuti: https://tuutitouhunen.webnode.fi

Project “RÖNSY”:

During the work-in-progress period Touhunen is researching the possibilities of making a performance as a sprawling, reaching to different directions and sustainable art making. The working style is experimental and exploratory. The artist asks, what is a presentation and when the presentation happens?

One of the inspirations for the work is a collection of poems “Virtaava suolakala” published by the artist during spring 2021. The texts handle themes such as connection to nature and travelling.

RÖNSY combines word art, dance and improvisation, visual art and performance. Through interartistic and intuitive working style appears RÖNSY. It can be found from the corner of the city, from a private space or perhaps from the phone.